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Tendi Company develops and offers products to customers worldwide. Through careful market research and innovative design processes, we bring quality consumer goods to multiple ecommerce platforms. Our proprietary relationships with industry leading manufactures lead to unparalleled customer satisfaction with our unique offerings.

Since its inception in 2018, Tendi Company is a group of diverse people from all walks of life. We work together from around the world, to bring you a wide selection of products that we proudly stand behind.

What We Do

Innovative Product Design

Our product design begins with the customer first. Through rigorous product research and product development, our team ensures that our goods are uncompromising in quality and functionality. From materials to overall construction, we work alongside industry leading experts at every level. We are unparalleled in our process of creating products that begin with a thought, and end with an experience.

Industry Leading Manufacturing

We pride ourselves on having proprietary access and relationships to global leading manufacturers across a variety of industries. We partner with the best product makers in the world to ensure customers are always met with a consistent product experience.

Data Driven Marketing Strategy

Our customer acquisition process is focused on consumer preference targeting leveraged through big data. All of our programmatic advertising is continuously refined through our proprietary algorithms ensuring that our content is always in front of the customers that are most interested in our products.

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